Our Gardens

Kitchen Garden

Our Kitchen garden is growing produce for our local cafés, so we can serve fresh and delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs grown right in our backyard. After lunch, you can see where the spinach in your salad came from!

The kitchen garden provides opportunities for taste education.  It demonstrates innovative, scale-appropriate, and farmer-tested growing practices so that, as eaters, we can see and understand how good food is grown. Feel free to wander along the paths and look, listen, smell, or talk to the plants! We only ask that you leave the harvesting to us.

Farmer-in-Residence Garden

Our farmer-in-residence garden is available for local farmers to rent and farm as a way to share their knowledge and organic farming practices with  volunteers and the public. It offers insights into the lives of small farmers: the joys, challenges, and their place in our community.

This year, our farmers-in-residence are Sarah,Joey & Mia Pittoello from Rerooted farm.  Find our farmers-in-residence hard at work and see what they’re growing this season.

Healing Garden

Our healing garden is an expression of our belief that reconciling and healing our relationships with people and nature is key to addressing the environmental and social challenges we face as a society.  This garden is a functional space for education and political action, drawing strength and inspiration from the traditions and practices of various marginalized groups: women, children, indigenous communities, Acadians, and farmers of the Global South. The practices of these communities offer the insight that when we acknowledge and appreciate our interdependence with the earth and its creatures, we might live with mutuality and respect and create a world that is rich, joyous, and prosperous.

Farmer-Led-Research Garden

Our research garden is a space for highlighting local insights, celebrating innovative practices, and sharing information. Here we will:

  • conduct farmer-led research
  • demonstrate seed saving practices and collect seed for our seed library (located in our Acadian-style barn)
  • encourage curiosity and inquisitiveness amongst our future farmers by supporting school groups in growing and conducting experiments

Come check out what our latest burning questions and observations are!